Monday, 5 March 2012

Un petit portrait.

A wonderful private commission for the ever so talented photographer Veronique Rolland. Irresistibly beautiful love story.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Little Kolya turned 4...

...and he had the most amazing bowling party!
This was the invite, censored by the birthday boy. 
'I like wolves'. 

Lascivious Bow Stockings

The lovely Chloe from Lascivious Lingerie commissioned me to draw a bow on their stockings to compliment their Belle Collection in 2011. This is the result! You can buy these here. If you're on familiar with this most delicious brand, do look around. If you love sexy lingerie, this is where to find it.

Highline Records

Heather Willensky commissioned me to do a banner for her new and exciting music production company Highline Records. I have worked for Heather before on the cover of the KPM Sunshine Playlist records so I was really excited to work with her again on her own company identity. Thank you Heather! Check out her page.

Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva

Apart from having a baby, we have also managed to move. Twice. In the past 6 months. Its been fun. But finally I have had a chance to cosy up our pad and got my posters out. One of them was a special present from Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva whose work I completely adore. Loving it on my wall. Thank you again Masha!

Wellington College Fashion Show Logo

This was a very special project. A dear friend of mine asked me to create this logo for her daughter's upcoming Fashion Show she was putting together. Masha Angelova, 16, had organised the Wellington College Fashion Show with a focus on eco fashion, to raise funds for both Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Plastic Oceans. The show raised more than £5000. Well done Masha. You can check out her Facebook page. 

Happy Spring!

Dear Friends, it has been forever long since my last entry.
There is a valid and very sweet reason for it: namely, our new little son: Alyosha. We are crazy in love! Updates on work to follow shortly.