Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Press From Brazil

Our Project with Mili has been covered by the Brazilian Magazine Catarina this month. Out in Print soon. Check out the web version here


E R I N said...

ooh my goodness i
absolutely adore
your work!!! xxx

MK said...

thank you Erin! thats real sweet of you! x

Claudia said...

Hi my name is claudia biele I am a follower of your work and would love the opportunity to work with you as part of my placement

MK said...

Claudia!! I'm so sorry as I just read your post. How very very sweet of you. thank you! its always best to contact me by email. maskar@gmail.com
To be honest, at the moment I dont have the need for interns, but please do leave your details with me via email and when the time comes I am sure to contact you.

thank you!